Custom Adobe Plugins for Video Teams

Hyper Brew builds Custom Adobe Plugins for video teams to help them work faster and smarter.


After Effects
Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Cinema 4D

Work smarter, not harder.

We help video teams of all sizes brainstorm their workflows, identify repetition and tasks prone to human error.

We then take those findings and build custom plugins to automate those tedious technical processes, allowing teams to deliver faster, saving time and money, and allowing creative teams to stay focused on creativity.


Dan Wiese - Skechers
Dan Wiese

This company has saved us so much time and money while making our daily Adobe tasks so much easier and more accurate than ever before. Their technology is top-notch and their customer service is exceptional.

With Hyper Brew, we have been able to complete redundant tasks with ease and speed, making our work more efficient and productive. It's incredible how much faster and easier everything is now!

If you are looking for an efficient, accurate, and user-friendly solution to automate your daily tasks, I highly recommend Hyper Brew.

Matt Bach - Puget Systems
Matt Bach
Puget Systems

Hyper Brew is terrific to work with. We have a number of Adobe-based plugins that have grown in user base over the years, but the code was an absolute mess. Hyper Brew worked with us to take those existing plugins, completely re-build them, add a number of features we had no clue how to implement ourselves, and integrated them into a stand-alone application that interfaced with the Adobe applications.

Great experience, and we already have a number of other projects planned that we will be using them for!

Shawn Baden - Graphics Systems Manager
Shawn Baden
Graphics Systems Manager

Working and collaborating with Hyper Brew is always effortless and fruitful. They are very responsive in both communication and code updates.

They are always eager to take on new challenges and to brainstorm solutions. They are a pleasure to work with.

Lloyd Alvarez - aescripts + aeplugins
Lloyd Alvarez
aescripts + aeplugins

Highly recommend Hyper Brew!

Extremely professional and knowledgable.

Working with them on projects is always very smooth.

Tim Rochon - Wall Street Productions
Tim Rochon
Wall Street Productions

Our production pipeline requires highly-specific deliverables and workflows not available with shrink-wrap software. Hyper Brew’s tools and expertise empowers our production team to operate more efficiently.

Whether it’s reducing mouse clicks or making the impossible possible, Hyper Brew’s solutions save us time and money.

Maxime Rancon - OpenClassrooms
Maxime Rancon

I had a great experience working with Hyper Brew for an Adobe Premiere plugin that helped to automatize part of our workflow here at OpenClassrooms.

From the project definition to the finishing touches, we had great communication and he was very efficient. Will definitely work with Hyper Brew again!

David Gidali - Outpost VFX
David Gidali
Outpost VFX

Highly recommend using Hyper Brew for your automation needs, they didn't just build our tool - they helped shape the workflow and adjusted on the fly when we started using it.

Sarah Bostwick - PXL
Sarah Bostwick

The Hyper Brew team assisted in setting up batch video processing systems for us on several projects. They were able to quickly adapt and troubleshoot to meet our tight deadlines. I recommend them for any project requiring hundreds or thousands of video deliverables.

Trey Pfleging - AutoPod
Trey Pfleging

Hyper Brew is the best in the video production automation space. I've used them for some software consultant work, and they were super helpful and were able to meet a super quick turnaround time.


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