Brewing custom Adobe plugins to launch into hyperspace!

About Hyper Brew

Hyper Brew LLC is software development company based in San Diego, CA, specializing in custom software development for video production.


Our mission is to help video teams work faster and more efficiently by building them custom custom Adobe plugins and desktop apps to enahnce their workflows.

What We Do

We spend most of our time building custom plugins for Premiere Pro and After Effects, but also build for desktop, web, and other host apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and more (more on our services).

1. Custom Tools

Our primary effort is focused on building custom tools for video studios to take their workflows to the next level by automating repetative tasks to reduce human error and allowing creatives to focus on creativty rather than getting bogged down in technical details. Ultimately saving video teams both time and money. (more client projects).

2. Public Tools

As we identify universal needs in the industry, we are also building our portfolio of commercial plugins over time, including Pro IO, Klutz GPT, and Version Raptor.

We also have new tools in beta coming soon...


Hyper Brew is an Adobe Video Partner and maintains a close relationship with the Adobe team to stay up to date on the latest developments, and discuss improvements for future extensibility.Adobe Video Partner

Our Core Values

🔭 Future Focused

Always looking to what's next and how things could be better. Never settling for less, always striving for improvement.

🔍 Retro Informed

Understanding the how and why of past workflows and systems help inform how to make better solutions in the future.

🧠 Open Minded

Always question the status quo, asking “could this be better, faster, or more efficient”

👤 User-Centric Functionality

Our goal is to design tools that solve problems in the most human understandable way possible.

🏆 Quality First

We're not interested in being the fastest or cheapest option, we aim to be the best. Our focus is on delivering masterfully crafted tools that stand the test of time.