Boost Your Adobe Plugin Development

with Hyper Brew

Adobe automation is hard. Let us help.

Challenges of Adobe Extensibility

Even for top-class development teams, when it comes to Adobe integrations, the development process is far from straightforward.

Frequent API changes, lacking documentation, and differences between host apps make integration development a massive road block for many developement teams compared to web and desktop development.

This is where we come in...

We Help Dev Teams Work Faster

From consulting to development and everything in between, our team at Hyper Brew can come alongside your dev team at any point in the process and help you get your Adobe integration across the finish line.

Some of our recent development collaborations:

Adobe Tools are our Specialty

Our team at Hyper Brew primarily specializes in Adobe tool development partnering with Adobe for years to stay closely connected on new API developments and planning the future of 3rd party extensibility.

We are heavily invested in the Adobe development community maintaining the open source framework Bolt CEP the fastest way to start your new Adobe CEP Extension used by individuals well as dev teams at Google, Battle Axe, and Adobe.

We also provide many developer resources for beginners and experts alike, and host a thriving Hyper Brew Discord where users can get help or share notes on Adobe tool development.

How we can help

Our team at Hyper Brew loves to come alongside and help your development team through software consulting to provide your team with a clear roadmap and equip them with the right resources needed to ship your Adobe Integrations on time.

And if your team is already at capacity or time is better spent elsewhere, you can offload the Adobe integrations to us entirely, so you can rest assured the job will be done right while allowing your team to focus on doing what they do best.


Dan Wiese - Skechers
Dan Wiese

This company has saved us so much time and money while making our daily Adobe tasks so much easier and more accurate than ever before. Their technology is top-notch and their customer service is exceptional.

With Hyper Brew, we have been able to complete redundant tasks with ease and speed, making our work more efficient and productive. It's incredible how much faster and easier everything is now!

If you are looking for an efficient, accurate, and user-friendly solution to automate your daily tasks, I highly recommend Hyper Brew.

Tim Rochon - Wall Street Productions
Tim Rochon
Wall Street Productions

Our production pipeline requires highly-specific deliverables and workflows not available with shrink-wrap software. Hyper Brew’s tools and expertise empowers our production team to operate more efficiently.

Whether it’s reducing mouse clicks or making the impossible possible, Hyper Brew’s solutions save us time and money.

Maxime Rancon - OpenClassrooms
Maxime Rancon

I had a great experience working with Hyper Brew for an Adobe Premiere plugin that helped to automatize part of our workflow here at OpenClassrooms.

From the project definition to the finishing touches, we had great communication and he was very efficient. Will definitely work with Hyper Brew again!

David Gidali - Outpost VFX
David Gidali
Outpost VFX

Highly recommend using Hyper Brew for your automation needs, they didn't just build our tool - they helped shape the workflow and adjusted on the fly when we started using it.

Sarah Bostwick - PXL
Sarah Bostwick

The Hyper Brew team assisted in setting up batch video processing systems for us on several projects. They were able to quickly adapt and troubleshoot to meet our tight deadlines. I recommend them for any project requiring hundreds or thousands of video deliverables.

Trey Pfleging - AutoPod
Trey Pfleging

Hyper Brew is the best in the video production automation space. I've used them for some software consultant work, and they were super helpful and were able to meet a super quick turnaround time.


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