Clip Exporter - Wall Street Productions

Premiere Pro

Wall Street Productions reached out to us for some help with managing exports for their edit workflow. Their workflow consisted of splitting a long clip into shots on a timeline and exporting each of those clips from Premiere.

As Premiere Pro doesn't have a built-in way to export multiple clips from a timeline, we came up with a simple yet effective Premiere Pro Extension, Clip Exporter, to save their editors time in their workflow.

The extension essentially allowed editors to load in their own Adobe Media Encoder preset (EPR file), and then choose to select either all the clips in the timeline separately, or only the selected clips in the timeline. The clips would then be queued up in Adobe Media Encoder with the desired render settings fully-ready for encoding.

This tool now consolidated the lengthy process of setting in/out points and exporting each clip in a timeline to only a few clicks.

Tim Rochon - Wall Street Productions
Tim Rochon
Wall Street Productions

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