Outpost VFX - MasterClass: James Cameron

After Effects

In working on the upcoming MasterClass with James Cameron, Outpost VFX reached out to us for some help on batch processing their VFX shots on a large training series.

As they were dealing with a large number of green screen shots that required a specific keying setup in After Effects, they needed a custom tool to help automate the redundancy out of the process so their artists could focus on fine tuning the shots and quicker turnarounds.

Comp Generator

We brainstormed and came up with the idea of a custom After Effects extension that would batch generate VFX comps from a selected folder of clips to a selected comp folder with parameters for matching timecode and duration. In order to get the background animations to align, we came up with a few additional options to match or randomize the background in-point. And lastly, we added a custom wildcard naming system the artists could adjust on their end to fit their needs.

In the end, the Comp Generator tool we built for Outpost VFX aided their team in processing hundreds of VFX shots for their project so their artists could automate the repetitive tasks and dive right in to fine tuning their shots to perfection.

David Gidali - Outpost VFX
David Gidali
Outpost VFX

Highly recommend using Hyper Brew for your automation needs, they didn't just build our tool - they helped shape the workflow and adjusted on the fly when we started using it.