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Premiere Pro

The editorial team at OpenClassrooms create mass quantities of video tutorials at a time for their various courses, and needed a way to make this process more efficient. Their current system relied on editors manually ingesting footage in Premiere Pro, creating various nests with LUT adjustment layers for each clip, setting up multi-cam sequences, and finally following the director's notes on the desired takes to use in the final edit. This current system was very time-consuming and tedious, so they reached out to us to help them automate this process.

After evaluating their current workflow and areas for improvement, we set out to develop a custom Premiere Pro CEP Extension that would automate this entire setup process.

OpenClassrooms Edit Assist Premiere Pro CEP Extension

Edit Assist acted as an editor's own fully automated assistant editor. The editor would only need to select the footage folder, CSV with edit instructions, and the desired LUT in Premiere or from a .cube file and press then instantly process the full project. The extension would then generate the Premiere bin structure, import all the footage, create nests with the LUT applied in adjustment layers, generate the multi-cam sequences, and finally make prelimnary edits following the edit instructions CSV file provided by the director.

As a result, the Edit Assist tool we built for OpenClassrooms assisted their editors to both save them time and remove the tedium out of their workflow, so they could focus on the creative process.

Maxime Rancon - OpenClassrooms
Maxime Rancon

I had a great experience contracting Justin from Hyper Brew for an Adobe Premiere plugin that helped to automatize part of our workflow here at OpenClassrooms. From the project definition to the finishing touches, we had great communication and he was very efficient. Will definitely work with Justin again!