Paw Patrol: PAW Call - PXL

Video Automation
Personalized Video

In preparation for the launch of PAW Patrol : The Movie, PXL reached out to us for some help on their PAW Call website. The site allowed parents to set up a video calls for their kids from a Paw Patrol pup customized to their name and interests.

Paw Call Website

To accomplish this, PXL needed hundreds of unique videos rendered with various combinations of activates for each kid's name, so we set out to make this process as smooth as possible.

While merging each set of clips into numerous unique videos would typically take editors weeks to accomplish, we were able to build a custom procedural renderer for this project that would take their source files and render out hundreds of unique videos in only a few hours.

Batch Processing Paw Patrol Renders

This also meant that any revisions needed after rendering were very easy to adjust and quickly re-render and upload, as all it took was swapping files and re-running the procedural render. In the end, our custom procedural renderer for PXL was able to quickly batch-process all the needed videos for the Paw Patrol site.

Sarah Bostwick - PXL
Sarah Bostwick

The Hyper Brew team assisted in setting up batch video processing systems for us on several projects. They were able to quickly adapt and troubleshoot to meet our tight deadlines. I recommend them for any project requiring hundreds or thousands of video deliverables.