Your webcam directly in Adobe apps

Simplify tutorials by docking your webcam feed directly in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and more!

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A 100% real webcam dockable panel for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more!

Forget tedious overlays in your screen capture software and say goodbye to setups that are easy to break during recording. What you see is exactly what you get!

Dynamic Resizing

Dynamic Resizing

Webcam feed is always centered.

Quickly toggle between:

  • Fill mode to zoom in covering whole panel
  • Fit mode to fit entire webcam feed into panel
Smart Version Up

Select Your Webcam

Easily select from you available list of webcams with the dropdown menu.

Start and Stop

Start and Stop Stream

Easily start and stop the webcam stream.

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Jake Bartlett - Animation Educator
Jake Bartlett
Animation Educator

My new favorite extension! It's every tutorial maker's dream!

Kyle Harter - 2D Motion Designer
Kyle Harter
2D Motion Designer

Finalllllyyyyy there's a tool like this that exists for elevating recording tutorials and walkthroughs.

Solid job Hyper Brew!

Frédéric Berria - Founder at PENCIL Park
Frédéric Berria
Founder at PENCIL Park

Don’t miss the best and clever cross platforms extension for After Effects and all the Adobe suite by the genius Hyper Brew!

Andrew Marston - 2D Motion Designer
Andrew Marston
2D Motion Designer

This is so cool! Webcam by Hyper Brew, highly highly recommend!

Joey Korenman - School of Motion
Joey Korenman
School of Motion

Webcam from Hyper Brew integrates a live webcam feed directly into any Adobe application.

While it's a niche tool, it's interesting, particularly for creators focused on tutorials, or those who thrive on live feedback during the creative process.

It's a small tool, with potentially big implications for streamlining how we teach and learn digital arts online, I think it's really cool!