GPT in After Effects

For better or worse, bring the power of OpenAI's GPT 3.5 (used in ChatGPT) directly inside After Effects for building scripts and expressions.

Write Scripts

Generate Scripts

Feeling lucky? Tell the AI what you want your script to do and see if it gets it right.

Build Expressions

Build Expressions

Wanna generate an expression? The AI might just grant your wish today, who knows?

Error Feedback

Error Feedback

When (not if) you experience errors with the generated script or expression code snippets, Klutz GPT will feedback the errors right in to the input so you can easily tell the AI why it's code doesn't work, and hope that it does a better job next time.

Login with OpenAI

Login with OpenAI

Using your OpenAI account, simply create an API Token and enter it in the app to get started.

Pricing is extremely cheap and they give you a free trial to start. More info on OpenAI's GPT 3.5 Turbo Pricing and billing page to keep track ofyour usage.


Jake Bartlett - Animation Educator
Jake Bartlett
Animation Educator

I just used KlutzGPT to write me 3 actually useful After Effects scripts and I didn't even have to leave After Effects to do it.

Before using this, I had absolutely zero experience with scripting in After Effects, so this is absolutely something that you can do even if you've never touched scripting yourself.

KlutzGPT makes this process of working with AI generated scripting so much easier.

Stu Hershey Sufrin - Creative Director
Stu Hershey Sufrin
Creative Director

I'm officially a klutz. But probably not the kind you're thinking of.

I've been playing around with Klutz GPT - an After Effects plugin by Hyper Brew that puts Chat GPT's coding power directly inside of After Effects.

In the last 24 hours, I've used Klutz GPT to write 3 useful scripts without writing a single line of code...

I know.

I was able to create scripts for my specific use cases. So many tasks are now easily available and I suddenly feel creatively liberated.

Franz Schuier - Senior Motion & Edit Artist
Franz Schuier
Senior Motion & Edit Artist

I was experimenting with GPT and expressions already and this def takes away some friction. No copy/paste and there's a feedback loop back to the prompt for prototyping.

Tested it a bit today and it's a real time saver for me.

Apéros Motion Design - undefined
Apéros Motion Design

Have you ever used ChatGPT to write expressions on After Effects? If so, this new Hyper Brew tool will make your life 😍 even easier.

Matthew Sienzant - undefined
Matthew Sienzant

I love it! Absolutely didn't make a single working script. 😂 Will keep it permanently docked though!

David Arbor - Motion Designer / Video Editor
David Arbor
Motion Designer / Video Editor

It’s the most amusingly infuriating way to work. After a dozen unsuccessful attempts I produced a script that mostly worked.