Bolt UXP

Build Adobe UXP Plugins Faster

A lightning-fast boilerplate for building Adobe UXP Plugins in Svelte, React, or Vue built on Vite + TypeScript + Sass

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UXP Development Streamlined

Spin up a new UXP Plugin in seconds for your framework of choice, Adobe apps and more so you're ready to jump into development.

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Pick Svelte, React, or Vue

Easily get started with your favorite framework

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Instant Hot Reloading

Bolt UXP comes with ligtning-fast hot-reloading powered by the Vite.js bundler, which is much faster and more reliable than file-watching.

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C++ Hybrid Plugin Ready

Bolt UXP makes UXP Hybrid Plugin config as easy as possible. With templates for XCode and Visual Studio ready to go, building to proper directories for all architectures, and signing and notarization scripts for Mac and Windows. If your plugin needs Hybrid capabilities, Bolt UXP gives you just what you need to get to work.

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Optimized Build Size

Using Rollup as a part of Vite's bundling system, Bolt UXP ensures you're only shipping the code you need, resulting in the most optimized bundle size possible for fast uploads and downloads.

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Fast Packaging to CCX and ZIP

Ready to ship your plugin? With dedicated commands for building CCX files for each host app, and packaging your CCX file(s) and sidecar assets in a ZIP, Bolt UXP makes the packaging process as easy as possible.

Bolt also comes with a GitHub action config for building CCX files and creating releases right in your repo.

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