Bolt CEP

Build Adobe CEP Extensions Faster

A lightning-fast boilerplate for building Adobe CEP Extensions in React, Vue, or Svelte built on Vite + TypeScript + Sass

Adobe Creative Cloud
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CEP Development Streamlined

Spin up a new CEP Plugin in seconds for your framework of choice, apps and more so you're ready to jump into development.

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Pick Svelte, React, or Vue

Easily get started with your favorite framework

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Instant HMR Hot Reloading

Bolt CEP comes with ligtning-fast HMR (Hot Module Replacement) hot-reloading powered by the Vite.js bundler, which is much faster and more reliable than simple reloading.

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Optimized Build Size

Using Rollup as a part of Vite's bundling system, Bolt CEP ensures you're only shipping the code you need, resulting in the most optimized bundle size possible for fast uploads and downloads.

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Fast Packaging to ZXP and ZIP

Ready to ship your plugin? With dedicated commands for building ZXP files for each host app, and packaing your ZXP and sidecar assets in a ZIP, Bolt CEP makes the packaging process as easy as possible.

Bolt also comes with a GitHub action config for building ZXP file and creating releases right in your repo.

Get Started Today!

Ready to build CEP Panels faster than ever before? Head over to GitHub and get started today:

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Huge thanks to our backers who have helped make this project possible!

If you're interested in supporting this open-source project, please contact us.


Adam Plouff - Battle Axe
Adam Plouff
Battle Axe

Many thanks to Justin at Hyper Brew for creating and sharing the most usable system for building Adobe extensions.

Pro tip: Svelte is the most fun you'll have in a code editor. Bolt also supports Svelte and it's nice.

Danny Perry - Plugin Play
Danny Perry
Plugin Play

Our new Premiere Pro captioning tool just launched and is built on the Hyper Brew Bolt CEP repo.

Here is why we choose Bolt:

- New project spun up in seconds

- Very customizable for your own taste

- The TS support between client and host is a godsend

- Tech stack choice is 🤌

Alex White - Motion Land
Alex White
Motion Land

For Our latest Premiere Pro extension Captioneer, we've utilized Bolt CEP by Hyper Brew which led to a way faster development process 🚀 Huge tanks to Justin and the team!

Rubens Nobre - Wizzymotion
Rubens Nobre

Bolt has changed everything for me on this project. Without Bolt CEP, Wizzymotion would never have come to life. Special thanks to Hyper Brew for all the support!